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Delicious creations to satisfy taste, smell, sight and touch. Tricks, doughs and combination of ingredients.

Do you know the deep emotion that a young musician feels when he meets a great conductor or a child’s wonder when he meet Mickey Mouse at Euro Disney? What is more beautiful than seeing the dream of a life take shape and being the unbelievable protagonist? All my dreams have come true, maybe because of my way of doing or because there is a maternal look that follows me every day.

S. De Riso, “Dolci in famiglia”,
ed. Rizzoli 2009, p.13

Since 1908 the De Riso family run a tobacco bar in the main square of Minori; during the summer they prepared delicious lemon granite and ice-cream, becoming famous all over the Amalfi Coast..

Salvatore was born in 1966 and after studying as a chef and working in the kitchens of the best hotels of the Amalfi Coast, in 1989 discovered his big passion for pastry. He opened the “Pasticceria De Riso” on Minori seafront and a workshop in Tramonti. In a few years his pastry shop became one of the most renowned both locally and nationally.

Many people arrive in Minori to buy Salvatore’s specialties, strictly related to traditions, scents and colors of the Amalfi Coast. The secret of his success is just one: his deep passion for high quality products, carefully selected from the finest producers.

He attended specialization courses with important pastry chefs and in 1994 was the first pastry chef from the Soputher Intaly to be admitted to the prestigious Accademia dei Maestri Pasticceri Italiani, whose founder Iginio Massari, says of him:

"“For De Riso, working is an act of competence and intelligence, a source of perfection and joy. Thus he becomes a symbol, a guide for who, as he did, have the strength to obey their own inner law when they know they are right”.

Iginio Massari

Dolci in famiglia

This Italian written cookbook begins explaining the history of Italian desserts. A sweet journey in which Salvatore De Riso will show us where the typical sfogliatella and babà were prepared for the first time, who invented the panettone and much more. Soon after the pastry chef of the Amalfi Coast will explain us all the recipes, both sweet and savory, that cannot miss during family and friend feast: children’s breakfast or party, boat trip, pic-nic in the countryside or dinner with friends.

Dolci Del Sole

This Italian written cookbook scents of vanilla and lemon blossom. A journey through images in the sweet world of Salvatore De Riso and his pastry creations. Over 60 recipes, some of which suitable for celiacs, explained step by step, such as the famous Ricotta and pere and Soffiato di pastiera. The pepper jam accompanies the anchovies stuffed with provola; the orange one can be enjoyed with finger food or ricotta-filled paccheri. Each recipe is a happy re-elaboration of the flavors of the Mediterranean tradition.

Dolci facili facili

This Italian written cookbook is full of easy recipes in order to give anyone the possibility to prepare Salvatore De Riso’s sweet creations effortlessly. The secret to prepare a good dessert is to use only excellent ingredients, such as PGI Amalfi coast lemons, vanilla from Bourbon or Tahiti, Giffoni hazelnuts, extravirgin olive oil, etc.

Il Re delle Torte

A collection of 50 cake recipes for all occasion. How to prepare the famous Ricotta e pere cake or the perfect sponge cake? Sal De Riso, the pastry chef of the Amalfi Coast, will answer to all these and many other questions. With this Italian written cookbook it will be very easy to prepare chocolate and fruit cake, ice cream, frozen dessert and many other delicacies.

Siamo tutti pasticcioni

Italian Gourmet realized, under license of The Walt Disney Company Italy, the first cookbook in which the great masters of Italian pastry meet the characters of Duckburg.

“ Con il cofinanziamento dell’Unione Europea, dello Stato Italiano e dalla Regione Campania, nell’ambio del POR Campania FESR 2014-2020” Sal De Riso ha partecipato all’evento “L’artigiano in Fiera” con l’obiettivo di far conoscere le caratteristiche e la qualità dei prodotti offerti e presentare le ultime novità dolciarie. “

Sal De Riso