"Passioni" is made from high quality chocolate and the aroma of "Sfusato", the lemon typical of the Amalfi Coast. Ardent "passions" of flavors between sweet and sour.

This liqueur is particularly suitable for after-meal, ideal on ice cream and perfect in desserts. We recommend serving it cold.


Hydrated alcohol - sugar - cocoa powder 10/12 - dark chocolate 84% - infusion of "Costa d'Amalfi IGP" peel (lemons used 200g / lt) - vanilla beans from the Bourbon islands - Vol. 18%

Recommended Cake

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The "travel pack", the convenient transparent pack, for those who want to take the taste of the Amalfi Coast with them

The "tasting selection", four refined bottles of 10 cl each, a gift idea or simply a memory to savor.

The "collectible selection", six small jewels of 4 cl each, a sweet whim for the most refined collectors.

The 2 liter bottle designed exclusively for catering, practical and convenient refill from which to draw for the characteristic decorated bottle.

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